Superior Customer Experience Explained

At Ashland Custom Homes, we believe that the customer experience is more important than the home itself. The truth is that many builders use the same plans, same subcontractors, and the same materials as we do. The difference is the Ashland Custom Homes experience.

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Some people say that the biggest disappointment in the custom home building and remodeling process is not that the kitchen granite isn’t polished properly or that the shingles are improperly flashed. They are disappointed because the process wasn’t any fun! It was too stressful. The communication was too slow. There were too many surprises. We strive to be different in this area, and our customers tell us that it truly sets us apart from other builders. Below are a few of the things that we do to put the fun back in the building process.

Direct Communication
When you need answers, you should not have to deal with secretaries or layers of middle management. You will be given the e-mail address and cell phone number to a single point of contact for your project. This will be the same person from start to finish, and will be one of the owners of the company, who will personally supervise the project. This person is empowered to make all changes, recommendations, decisions regarding the construction of your home.

Generous Allowances
No allowance is ever enough, but we start with allowances that have some wiggle room in them. This way, if you go over a little bit, you should not have to come out of pocket. If you go under your allowance, you may be able to apply that savings towards something else in the house without penalty.

Professional Assistance
In addition to the professional designers that are specific to each trade, we offer the services of a professional interior designer on each project to make recommendations on items such as cabinets, paint colors, tile and carpet selections. More importantly, this will help you tie it all together while staying on budget, and keeping your stress level in check. If you don’t want the help, just say so.

Jobsite Visits
We will schedule visits to the jobsite at key points to keep you included in the process, point out of some of the structural and to make sure that the end product is just as you desire.

Pain-free Customization
We like to tinker with plans too, so we generally don’t mind making changes. Some changes can be done in the field without cost – provided they are discussed at the appropriate time, and are not too elaborate. Other changes are more complex and involve structural issues. For these changes, we will advise you of potential costs and timeline implications so you can make an informed decision. No ibuprofen necessary.

Photo Journal
We take hundreds of digital photos of each project at various stages throughout construction. From lot clearing to final cleaning. These photos will be provided to you on a disc after closing so that you will know (for example) where the plumbing runs in a particular wall, or how something is wired in the ceiling.

Charitable Contribution
As a part of our mission of strengthening the community around us, we make a contribution from the proceeds of each project in the name of our clients, to the local charity of their choosing.